A Hobbit House with a view for $299,000

I found the sweetest little house to hold open this past weekend in the Upper Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle. It was built in 1929 and its main entrance is from one of those Seattle sidewalks that doesn't allow cars. You can drive right up to the house but only from the back. It has a big beautiful yard overlooking a ravine and Lake Washington. Sitting in the dining room/living room, you feel like you are in a cottage in the woods. It's a hobbit house.

The big Seahawks playoff game was happening during my open. Many agents felt sure no one would be coming to an open  because of the game, but my thinking was that I'd have very little competition in terms of other houses being open and that the people who came would have something in common with me, that being, a general lack of understanding of football and football fandom (my apologies football fans out there).

The neighborhood this little hobbit house is in, is Upper Rainier Beach, Seattle's last neighborhood where you can find a view house at a reasonable price. Upper Rainier Beach doesn't have a large commercial district, but there are some nice places to walk. There's Kubota Gardens, the Atlantic City Boat Ramp, the Redwing Cafe, the Rainier Beach Branch of the Seattle Public Library, Dead Horse Canyon (aka Lakeridge Park), and the Rainier Beach Urban Farm.


Posted on January 20, 2015 at 1:33 am
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